HHP is involved in numerous year-round projects related to supporting legal education at ESCDROJ and advocating for victims of human rights abuses and gender-based crimes. Most recently, HHP supported the development of a clinical education program at ESCDROJ. The ESCDROJ Clinic, the first of its kind in Haiti, provides direct representation to indigent defendants who, without representation, languish for weeks or even years in jail without seeing a judge.

          HHP also participates in an academic exchange with ESCDROJ. In addition to our annual visit to Haiti, HHP finally brought Haiti to Hastings in 2008.  In October that year, HHP hosted ESCDROJ Dean Jomanas Eustache along with two graduates of the law school in the Bay Area.  Our Haitian partners spent a week meeting with various professors, judges, government agencies, civil society  organizations and other practitioners as well as conducting research to complete their dissertations.  This visit marked the beginning of a truly reciprocal relationship and, in January 2012 and 2013, HHP hosted ESCDROJ graduates Gabrielle Paul and Roxane Dimanche.  Ms. Paul and Dimanche attended the classroom component of the UC Hastings Criminal Practice Clinic and are now working to transfer those skills to developing the first and only criminal law clinic in Haiti at the school in Jérémie. HHP also supports legal education at ESCDROJ by providing dissertation support

          In addition to supporting the law school, HHP collaborates with partner organizations to advocate for human rights.  In particular, HHP works with law students, attorneys and other advocates in Jeremie to ensure that a rural perspective is included in the international arena.  This human rights work includes international advocacy, human rights trainings, and work with the Inter-American Commission. Visit our Human Rights Work page for more information.  

          21st Century Chalkboard Project

          To learn about the 21st Century Chalkboard Project, view this short informational video:

          Math by Art Project

          The Math by Art Project engages young people in Haiti in addressing a serious environmental and health challenge, in learning math, and in creating art. Plastic waste in Haiti is commonly either burned, releasing toxic chemicals into the air, land, and water, or discarded and left to clog drainage systems and pollute the ocean. Using the Project’s educational software, students learn math concepts by repurposing discarded plastic bottles to make math manipulatives, like geometric compasses, from the plastic. The math and manipulatives then provide a platform for students to create art and practical tools, such as mobiles and brooms. Through a collaborative effort with partners in the U.S. and Haiti, the Project aims to help transform an environmental and health hazard into an educational resource.