Clinical Education

          Hastings has always strived to complement legal theory with an emphasis on lessons learned from practice. Clinical education is not part of the established curriculum in Haiti, nor are courses focused on more practical lawyering skills, including ethics. Thus, HHP, at the request of our partners and colleagues at ESCDROJ, has been able to make a real contribution by introducing more practical elements into our annual delegation. Our focus on clinical and practical lawyering skills has become even more important as ESCDROJ seeks to establish the Criminal Justice Law Clinic (the “Clinic”).  

          ESCDROJ Criminal Justice Law Clinic:  The ESCDROJ Clinic, the first of its kind in Haiti, provides direct representation to indigent defendants who, without representation, languish for weeks or even years in jail without seeing a judge. Another component of the Clinic will be, with additional funding, to train senior law students to be mediators in community settings outside of the formal justice system. The Clinic will also introduce skills training and closely supervised criminal law practice by senior students into the law school curriculum, which will increase the number of well-trained advocates entering the workforce. Moreover, the Clinic will provide know your rights trainings and education programs in rural communities as well as engage law students in national debates regarding the Haitian judicial system.