Academic Exchange

          Each year, Hastings students and faculty engage in an academic exchange with our sister school in Jérémie. Located in a rural area, the ESCDROJ is isolated from the capital, Port au Prince, where the majority of resources are concentrated, so these presentations expose the Jérémie law students to comparative perspectives otherwise not available.  HHP students and faculty present on a variety of topics that have particular interest and utility for Haitian lawyers and are generally tailored to requests made by the school administration. You can read more about past presentations here [link here to the professor bios page]. Haitian students are always keen to hear U.S. lawyers and law students provide frank assessments of U.S. politics and governance. Haitian students and professors also give presentations on a variety of subjects ranging from the proposed amendment the Haitian Constitution’s prohibition of dual nationality to the legal battle to preserve historic parks to one student’s experience studying comparative law in Italy.

          Increasingly, our exchanges have focused on sharing practical lawyering skills.  See Clinical Education.

          In addition to our annual visit to Haiti, in 2008, HHP finally brought Haiti to Hastings.  In October that year, HHP hosted ESCDROJ Dean Jomanas Eustache along with two graduates of the law school in the Bay Area.  Our Haitian partners spent a week meeting with various professors, judges, government agencies, civil society  organizations and other practitioners as well as conducting research to complete their dissertations.  This visit marked the beginning of a truly reciprocal relationship and, in January 2012, HHP hosted ESCDROJ graduate Gabrielle Paul.  Ms. Paul attended the classroom component of the UC Hastings Criminal Practice Clinic and is now working to transfer those skills to developing the first and only criminal law clinic in Haiti at the school in Jérémie.

          HHP is thrilled to continue to deepen the reciprocal nature of our partnership; in January 2013, we hosted ESCDROJ Graduate Roxane Dimanche.  Roxane spent nearly three weeks at Hastings, receiving intensive training in clinical teaching as she attended the accelerated classroom component of the Criminal Practice Clinic taught by HHP’s own Professor Kate Bloch. 

          With the help of our supporters, we hope to continue to host Haitian students in the United States each year.  In the future, we imagine offering longer periods of study at Hastings through exchange or LLM program.