Get Involved

          There are many ways to support HHP. HHP welcomes donations from anyone interested in strengthening the rule of law in Haiti through legal education. There are also numerous non-financial ways to help HHP. HHP supporters can host Haitian law students when they visit UC Hastings, provide mentorship for their memoirs, and donate their old computers and legal resources to the ESCDROJ library in Jérémie. See below for more information on some of the best ways to support HHP.

          Support Us Financially

          The Hastings-to-Haiti Partnership operates primarily through the donations of generous individuals. Please click here to support HHP and help advance the rule of law in Haiti by making a tax deductible donation.

          Thank you to everyone who has already generously supported HHP! For example, Bay Area law firm GJEL Accident Attorneys recently supported HHP's yearly delegation to Jeremie, Haiti. 

          HHP would like to recognize and thank the following individuals whose generous contributions helped support HHP’s Spring 2012 delegation: Kate Bloch, David Takacs, Rory Little, Karen Musalo and Richard Boswell

          Hosting in the U.S.

          Last year, HHP hosted Haitian attorney and ESCDROJ graduate Gabrielle Paul to attend a criminal justice workshop at UC Hastings. HHP would like to bring more Haitian attorneys and law students to the United States to strengthen the partnership between UC Hastings and ESCDROJ. Since student delegates have limited space to host guests, HHP would greatly appreciate any help hosting a Haitian attorneys and students.


          When ESCDROJ exchange students travel to Hastings, HHP supporters can also invite them to visit their firms, or to observe local court proceedings. 

          21st Century Chalkboard Project

          Computers and Legal Resources

          Law students in Haiti have limited access to technological resources that are imperative to their legal education, including laptops, research services (such as Westlaw or LexisNexis), and basic legal treatises.  HHP helps supplement this dearth of resources by bringing donated laptops to both law students and secondary school students in Haiti.  

          If you would like to donate a laptop, please email a brief description of your laptop’s details, including make (Apple, Dell, etc.), year, and operating system (Windows or Mac), to  

          Please note that the computers we receive are completely stripped of personal information.