ESCDROJ was founded by former-Bishop Willy Romelus and Father Jomanas Eustache in 1999. The founders envisioned ESCDROJ as a place for those who want to become servants of law and justice, regardless of their religious, gender, social, economic, or political backgrounds. Since its inception, ESCDROJ has aimed to prepare and build a new generation of lawyers and jurists. First, these lawyers are aware of the importance of law, the necessity of a functioning legal system, and the primacy of the individual. Second, these lawyers are willing to stay and work in Haiti despite the dire social and political conditions.

          Through their graduates, ESCDROJ works to build a society where the rule of law can be enforced, so that people may seek justice through the legal system instead of taking it upon themselves as individuals. Graduates have become prosecutors, lawyers, and judges. Others work as police officers and public officials to protect citizens’ rights and uphold the laws. Still others work through the electoral commission to ensure democracy. Some graduates have also importantly become teachers and professors who educate future generations about their rights and responsibilities as citizens under the law.