Social Justice Clinic

          Help Launch the First-Ever Social Justice Law Teaching Clinic in Haiti

          About the Clinic

          Work has begun on one of Haiti's most innovative and forward-thinking projects: a model teaching clinic designed to train the country’s next generation of social justice attorneys. Conceived by Haitians concerned with the country's desperate need for legal aid and public defender offices, the teaching clinic will also respond to an unmet need for free, quality legal services in Jérémie, a town serving a region of about 400,000 people on Haiti's remote northwestern coast.

          The teaching clinic represents a critical, longterm, and locally crafted investment in Haiti's future. For example, the teaching clinic will provide help to Haitians who now go months or even years without legal representation in the courts. This gap means jails in Haiti are overwhelmed with inmates – most of whom have not been convicted of any crime at all. This erodes the Haitian community's confidence not just in its legal system, but in many local institutions.  Constructed with sustainable and locally sourced materials, the teaching clinic will enable Haitian law students to represent indigent clients in a range of legal matters.
          "We are committed to increasing access to justice for the country's poorest, and working to protect human rights and uphold the rule of law in Haiti.ʺ Roxane EdmondDimanche and Gabrielle Paul, clinic codirectors.
          The clinic facility will also host a computer learning center for youth in the local community.


          We’ve Now Broken Ground.  Please Help us Make the Clinic a Reality.


          To donate online, follow this link, and write “HHP Social Justice Clinic” in the comments.  Please also send an email to so that we can track your donation separately.  You can also donate by sending a check payable to UC Hastings to “Attn: Blaine Bookey, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, 200 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA  94110”; be sure to include “HHP Social Justice Clinic” in the memo line.

          Gifts made to the law clinic are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and are welcome in any amount.  To learn more about the Hastings to Haiti program that is providing support to the clinic, please visit here.
          Construction started on the clinic in March 2014, when locally hired excavators began preparing the foundation. Next, the earthquake-resistant concrete foundation will be poured. Additional funding is now needed to ensure that construction proceeds as scheduled.

          Area/Item Available for Naming

          Suggested Gift
          Clinic Title
          Neem Pavilion
          West Pavilion
          Learning & Conference Center
          $10,000 (gift committed)
          Garden Terrce
          Stairs to Justice
          $5,000 (gift committed)
          Conference Table
           Other Giving (Plaque Listing):
          Summa Cum Laude Level
          Magna Cum Laude Level
          Cum Laude Level